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While all complaints are important, those that do not include accurate contact information or addresses will not be treated as a priority.

Violation Information

Although pictures are helpful for identification purposes, violations cannot be substantiated using non-staff secured photos.

Contact Information

NOTE: Contact information entered on this web page is public record. Upon request, contact information is available to the public in compliance with North Carolina Public Records Law NCGS 132.


  1. Enter the address of the violation.
  2. Enter a detailed description of the violation
  3. Choose a violation type
  4. Upload any pictures or supporting documents. Select each of the documents or pictures you want to upload. You can upload more than one document by selecting them all at the same time.

The following complaint types may be submitted through this portal:

  1. Drainage/Erosion - Stormwater Runoff, Soil Erosion onto Adjacent Property, Sidewalks, Streets.
  2. Dumping/Trash - Household Bulky Items, Litter, Overflowing Refuse Containers, Trash Bags.
  3. Illicit Discharge - Chemical Spills, Commercial, Industrial Fluids, Grease, Oils, Sewer Leaks.
  4. Land Disturbance - Landscape Buffer Encroachment, Clearing, Digging, Grading, Tree Removal.
  5. Lighting - Glare, Spillover onto Adjacent Properties.
  6. Minimum Housing - Abandoned or Condemned Buildings, Dilapidated or Unsecured Structures, Electrical, Heating, Overgrown Grass or Weeds, Pests or Vermin, Plumbing, Sewer Leaks, Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detector, Structural, Ventilation, Weather Penetration.
  7. Occupancy - Over Occupancy, Occupancy in Non-Residential Buildings or Structures, Occupancy in Recreational Vehicles or Outside.
  8. Parking/Vehicles - Residential Parking: Front Yard, Rental/Leased Parking, Dilapidated, Hazardous, Junk, or Nuisance Vehicles.
  9. Signage - Illegal Signage.
  10. Streams - Soil Erosion, Stream Bank Degradation, Illicit Discharge.
  11. Storage Outside - Unsecured, Outdoor Storage of Residential Household Goods and Materials.
  12. Unpermitted Use/Work - Addition, Construction, Renovation, Remodel without a Building Permit and/or Zoning Permit, Change of Use.
  13. Other - Any other violations not listed above.

If you have questions about the information on this page, please send your questions to or call the Development Services division at (919) 969-5066.

Please contact the departments below for the following complaint types:

Animal: Orange County Animal Control at (919) 942-7387
Noise: Police Department at (919) 968-2760 or 911
Curbside Refuse Collection: Solid Waste Division at (919) 969-5100
Stormwater and Drainage: Stormwater Department at (919) 969-7246

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